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About BCS

Established in 1957, the British Computer Society (BCS) is the professional body for those working in IT. The BCS is the UK's Chartered body for ICT (Information and Computing Technology) professionals. BCS membership is recognised world wide for excellence in ICT qualifications, standards and professional conduct. Chartered members are distinguished by Chartered IT Professional (CITP) and/or Chartered Engineer (C.Eng).

There are over 40 Branches and Sub-Branches throughout the UK numerous special interest groups. For an overview of the BCS, interested IT Professionals in Scotland are best advised to browse the main BCS Website then contact their nearest Branch as listed below. The Branches and specialist groups organise local events for members.

About BCS in Scotland

BCS in Scotland acts as a national focal point for Scottish Interests, Issues, News and Events. It is the voice of Scottish ICT professionals in such national bodies as the Scottish Parliament and Government, NHS Scotland and local authorities in Scotland.

The Branches and main Specialist Groups active in Scotland are listed on the right.


ScotlandIS Young Software Engineer of the Year Awards 2020

BCS-in-Scotland sponsored the 2nd prize awarded to Daniella Ivanova from University of Glasgow for her AI deep learning programme which can be applied to the restoration of films.

More details in the video on the above page starting at 10:29. The award is announced by Sharon Moore (BCSWomen Scotland) at 18:04.


Forthcoming BCS Events in Scotland

2nd December, 18:30
Webinar: AI, Games and Ethics: How to Be a God
Speaker: Dr Richard A. Bartle, Honorary Professor of Computer Game Design, University of Essex
Online, registration required

16th December, 18:30
Webinar: Technology challenges in and around the Scottish Classroom
Speaker: Tommy Lawson, Schools Technology Adviser, University of Edinburgh
Online, registration required

BCS Groups in Scotland

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Edinburgh Branch
Glasgow Branch
Tayside & Fife Branch

BCSWomen Scotland
BCS Health Scotland